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Wedding cakes

Every guest looks forward to seeing the wedding cake. Besides being absolutely delicious to eat, these days the cake can even provide a focal point for the room. Cutting the cake is a key part of any wedding celebration. And since there are bound to be numerous photographs of the bride and groom cutting the cake, you want to make sure that you have exactly the right cake for you…. a cake to remember!

There are so many options to choose from though. We can help you decide exactly what you want. We can help ensure that the cake ties in with the colours running through your wedding day so that it links seamlessly with the rest of the celebration. We can also go through the options and styles with you, so that you can narrow down exactly what you want, whether this is an elegant and traditional tiered cake, or something more modern such as cupcakes. You’ll also need to decide what sort of cake you want – a fruit cake or sponge cake – and what sort of filling you would prefer too. Of course, we’d be more than happy to arrange a tasting with you on one of your visits to Italy.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.