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As you would probably expect, July and August are the hottest months in Umbria. Average temperatures are typically in the high twenties around 28 or 29 degrees centigrade. May, June and September also tend to be lovely months to travel to Umbria, with the weather tending to still be warm and dry, but with less of the humidity and excesses of temperature that visitors can sometimes experience in the peak Summer months.

However, don’t be put off travelling during the quieter Autumn and Winter months. November does tend on average to be the wettest month and weather can be unpredictable but the Sun does always seem to have an extraordinary heat in this region and holidaymakers can enjoy warm days even across the Winter months when the sun is out. That said, be prepared to have your fair share of the wind and rain too. Some of the more mountainous regions of Umbria will also enjoy fantastic thunderstorms. Whilst the weather pattern tends to be predictable in the peak Summer months, the same can not necessarily be said across the Winter!