Why you should book your 2021 holiday now!

Why you should book your 2021 holiday now!

Whilst we’re by no means out of the woods, there are clear glimmers of hope in the battle against COVID-19. With not one but three vaccines shown to be effective in fighting the virus, and governments and scientists all talking about the light at the end of the tunnel, it is all encouraging news bringing much needed hope to those eager to travel again. This, combined with changes just around the corner on quarantine requirements following travel, things are certainly looking up for UK holidaymakers and for the travel industry. But does all this mean that it’s time to plan your 2021 holiday? Well, here at Bookings For You HQ, we think it does. And here’s why…

Pent up demand

With so many holidaymakers unable to travel as planned this year (or preferring not to travel this year) there is so much pent up demand for travel that demand in 2021 could be set to rocket.

Unfortunately, with increasing demand comes increased pricing. Whilst Bookings For You are guaranteeing not to increase rates on their 2021 holidays, I’m afraid that we can’t guarantee that the same will be true for airlines, car hire companies or other elements of your holiday.

Many travellers may think that, to reduce risks of having to change travel plans down the line, it’s worth holding off and booking last minute. This approach will certainly reduce your exposure to risk and we can’t say categorically that you won’t get a last minute deal, but our gut feel is that prices will certainly rise next year as demand outstrips availability. So, to get the best deal on your 2021 holiday, it’s definitely worth booking early this year.

Limited availability

With so many holidays having to be curtailed in 2020, many guests chose not to cancel outright but instead to move their bookings to 2021. This has meant that some of our villas in Italy already have 3 times as many weeks booked out for 2021 than we would normally have at this time of the year. In short, there is already less availability than there normally would be at this time of year and, with the expected increase in the numbers of travellers wanting to head away in 2021, finding your perfect holiday villa is going to get harder and harder the longer you leave it. In short, book early to ensure you get the cream of the crop!

You can book early with confidence

Whilst you may not feel confident enough just yet to be sure that you will be able to travel on your preferred dates due to COVID, you don’t need to worry if you can’t. Should you not be able to travel due to government restrictions and the impact of COVID, Bookings For You will always be happy to move your booking to alternative dates. Similarly, if your concerns are not around the pandemic, but around the impact of a possible no deal Brexit, then the same would apply.

Insurance is available

Whatever trip you take, we have always recommended that our clients take out travel insurance in case of any unexpected nasty surprises. I think that the recent pandemic has only highlighted even more the importance of having good travel insurance to cover you. And the good news is that, for those wanting to plan ahead and book their 2021 holiday, an increasing number of travel insurance policies are offering cover for coronavirus related cancellations or amendments or to cover the costs of any COVID-19 treatment that may be needed when abroad.

Just one little but important reminder, for those travelling from the UK, as it stands today the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will cease to be effective from 1 January 2021 due to Brexit. This means that free medical treatment will no longer be available for British travellers in the European Union, so make sure your travel insurance provides sufficient cover.

Supporting the travel industry

So many businesses have been adversely affected by the recent pandemic. From your favourite high street store to your favourite restaurant, cafe or public house, the hospitality industry has been hard hit by COVID-19. The travel industry is no different. Airlines have seen a massive decline in revenue – Easyjet recently reported over a 50% decrease in revenue versus last year for example – whilst the car hire industry and other industries that rely on tourism are also seeing significant downturns. By booking your 2021 holiday early, you’ll actually be giving this industry a much needed boost.

If you’re ready to start looking for your 2021 holiday, then we’re ready and waiting to hear from you! Drop us an email and we would be very happy to suggest some suitable villas in Italy or some villas in France.