A to Z travel challenge

A to Z travel challenge

Our A to Z guides have proved really popular but today we thought we’d challenge your little grey cells a bit and see how much you know about Italy. How hot are you on your Italian geography? Do you know your Barolo from your Brunello? How’s your knowledge of the Italian lingo? Well… you’ll soon find out! We’ve got 24 questions covering all aspects of Italian life to see how well you really know Italy. Don’t worry! To make it a bit easier, we’ve given you the first letter of each brain teaser. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

What A is the national airline of Italy?

What B is the capital of Emilia Romagna?

What C is the name of the police force in Italy?

What D is the mountain range in the North East of Italy?

What E is Tuscany’s largest island?

What F is Italy’s national sport?

What G is the largest of the Italian Lakes?

What H is one of the ancient towns in Italy destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD?

What I is home to the international racing circuit named after Ferrari’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, and his son, Alfredo Ferrari.

What J is the genre of music celebrated every July in Umbria at their famous festival?

What K is a Sicilian town and the only town in Italy that starts with the letter K?

What L painted ‘The Last Supper’ which can now be found in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan?

What M is the region on the Eastern coast of Italy which has Ancona as its capital?

What N is the city where the modern day pizza originated?

What O is the coastal town in Puglia home to an Aragonese castle and a Romanesque cathedral famous for its mosaic floor?

What P is home to burrata cheese?

What Q is the Italian word for 40?

What R is name of the largest bridge in Venice?

What S is one of Italy’s active volcanoes, sharing its name with the island on which it is found?

What T is the Italian region where Pinocchio was born?

What U was the last King of Italy, who reigned for just 34 days from 9 May 1946 to 12 June 1946?

What V joins gin and campari to make a class negroni cocktail?

What W is the national animal of Italy?

What Z is an Italian songwriter and musician who shares his stage name with the Italian word for sugar?

So how do you think you did? Check out the answers below and comment to let us know how many you scored!

Alitalia, Bologna, Carabinieri, Dolomites, Elba, Football, Garda, Herculaneum, Imola, Jazz, Kamma, Leonardo da Vinci, Marche, Naples, Otranto, Puglia, Quaranta, Rialto, Stromboli, Tuscany, Umberto II, Vermouth, Wolf, Zucchero