Five tips to help you choose your perfect holiday rental

Five tips to help you choose your perfect holiday rental

We’ve learned a few things over the years about helping people find their dream holiday villa. Whether you want a peaceful retreat hidden away in a remote valley, or a cosy apartment within walking distance to the nearest restaurant, we can help you work out what you want, and — more importantly — help you find it.

Make a list of ‘non-negotiable’ requirements

Everyone has something that will make-or-break a holiday. It might be as simple as needing a high chair for your one year old, or a bit more complex — i.e. you simply won’t stay anywhere that doesn’t have it’s own built-in wine cellar! Whatever it is, write down your requirements (perhaps split into ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’, if you so wish) so that you know exactly what you’re looking for. It might help to envisage your holiday and what it entails — do you see yourself relaxing by a pool, playing tennis, hosting BBQs, or relaxing in the hot tub? Add it to the list.

Think big

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be thinking ‘sleeps’ as the equivalent to a headcount. But it can be really beneficial to think bigger. On paper, a two bedroom apartment might suit a family of four — but a four or five bedroom villa might be a much better fit for their requirements. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic when you’re meant to be relaxing.

Location, Location, Location

To quote the TV show… it really is about the location. Don’t just look between the four walls of your property; look at the surrounding area and beyond as well. Search for amenities such as local shops and restaurants, what’s in walking distance and any local attractions. Unless, of course, you don’t mind hiring a car and exploring much further afield. It’s worth doing your research via tools such as Google street view as well — you’ll get a much better idea of the immediate area around the property you’re considering.

Check out the reviews

On the Bookings For You website, we’ve compiled our property reviews onto the same page as our property listings — so they’re easy to find. These give you a reflection of the properties we’ve curated from the guests who have actually spent their holidays in them; they’re honest accounts of both the villas and their location. It’s also worth checking out the reviews for the holiday rental company too, and not just the individual properties. You want to make sure you’re hiring from a reputable and helpful company, just in case there are any problems, such as a delayed or missed flight.

Money, money, money

And finally… set a budget. If you’ve got a total for your whole trip, it’s worth breaking into sections (such as flights, car hire, food) and allocating a set amount per area. If your budget is tight, then evaluate what you really value when you’re on holiday to make sure you’re spending your money in the most effective way. We have a wide range of properties which cater for every budget — including some incredibly luxurious villas too — and you can reorder our properties when searching for availability to list by cost, to help you create a shortlist.

And if you’re still stuck and unable to find your dream holiday rental in Italy, please get in touch with us. We handpick all of our properties and personally visit the vast majority of them; we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for (and provide local suggestions too).