Four things to do before your winter holiday in Italy

Four things to do before your winter holiday in Italy

There’s no denying it; Italy can get pretty chilly at this time of year. But that’s part of what makes it such a wonderful time to visit — even if you’re not visiting the snow-capped Alps, it’s still a magical time to travel. Italy also has its own festive traditions, which are always fun to be a part of — especially if you’re there over Christmas — so it’s definitely worth considering visiting away from the peak summer season.

Buy some waterproof boots

If you’re heading to the more mountainous regions, you might want to consider snow boots instead. But waterproof boots are usually adequate enough; Italy tends to get more rain than snow over the winter season and they’re a tad more stylish too.

If you haven’t got much luggage space left, then it’s probably best to wear these on the flight (although don’t blame us when they’re near-impossible to take off for security).

Dig out your thermals 

Southern Italy can remain quite mild in the winter, but if you feel the cold you might want to pack a thermal vest or two. Thermals are great for layering when travelling, as they’re thinner and more efficient than bulky coats and accessories. Not only do they save space in your suitcase, they also mean you can just take a waterproof coat instead.

Get some books or card games

There’s something about winter which demands cosy nights in on the sofa. Download books on Kindle (or iPhone Kindle app) to save space, or pick them up from Duty Free to avoid the book vs extra pair of shoes conundrum. If you’re holidaying as a couple or with friends and family, pack some card games — there’s plenty of choice online, and you can even get card game versions of the classic board games such as Cluedo or Monopoly (some can even be paired with apps too).

Do your research

We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth is — you might encounter some wet weather on your trip. Research ahead of your stay so you have places to go when the days are a bit on the gloomier side. Shopping malls, art galleries and museums are the perfect destinations for the rainy days of your holiday.

Whatever season you pick for your holiday, we can help find the perfect property to suit. Contact us or view our villas in Italy.