Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda? Which Italian lake suits you best?

Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda? Which Italian lake suits you best?

Let’s face it, the Italian lakes have a LOT to offer holidaymakers.

We’re often asked for recommendations on which lake to visit, so thought we’d pit Lake Maggiore against Lake Garda in the ultimate lake vs lake battle.

If you’re holidaying with kids… Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the most family-friendly lake, with numerous amusement parks super close by, including the aptly-named Gardaland, Caneva World, Aquatico Cavour and Parco Naturo Viva.

If you fancy island hopping… Lake Maggiore

On the western arm of Lake Maggiore you’ll find the Borromean Islands – three small islands and two islets – which are wonderfully picturesque. On the Isola Bella you’ll find a stunning summer palace, on Isola Madre you’ll find wonderful gardens and the final island, Isola dei Pescatori, is the only inhabited island with a small fishing village.

If you want to explore the towns… Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore spoils visitors with towns; Stresa is the largest town and has stunning views across to the Borromean Islands, Verbania has wonderful botanical gardens, Arona has a castle worth exploring and Luino has a fantastic historic street market.

If you want to drink local wines… Lake Garda

Wherever you head in Italy, you’re likely to find a whole host of local wines ready and waiting for your consumption. On Lake Garda you’ll find Bardolino – well-known thanks to its surrounding vineyards – and a town which has been producing wine and olive oil for hundreds of years. You’ll also find the Zeni Wine Museum, which celebrates the wine history of the region.

If you want to get active… Lake Maggiore

It was a close call; there’s not much difference between the activities available between Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. Both offer sailing, water skiing and paragliding. But Lake Maggiore also has canyoning and the Gordola adventure park – which means it just edges a win against the competition.

If you want to peruse the art and architecture… Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore certaintly packs a punch when it comes to culture; the Landscape Museum in Verbania Pallanza showcases paintings and sculptures dedicate to the area, and the Rossetti Valentini Museum has a wide range of artworks of the Vigezzo Valley. Architecturally, there’s plenty to be impressed by – Palazzo Borromeo, Villa della Porta Bozzolo and the Mausoleo Luigi Cadorna.

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