Italy’s currency is the Euro (€). We recommend that you take a mixture of cash along with currency on a pre-paid currency card.

Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, shops and autostrada tollbooths. Where you might come unstuck is relying on American Express and Diners Club which are not widely accepted.

It’s always wise to carry a small amount of cash for smaller cafes and restaurants, some public transport options, and taxis who may not accept credit card payments. We once visited the same restaurant 5 years in a row, only to discover each time that their card machine was out of order!

Jo – Owner, Bookings For You

Don’t worry…. If you run out of cash and need additional currency during your stay, most people will find a similar array of financial services to those you already find at home. If you need to withdraw money, look for a bancomat (ATM).

Italy remains excellent value for money. Prices in restaurants can vary a lot dependent on location but it’s still possible to purchase a pizza in a restaurant for 5 euros, pasta dishes are typically between 8 and 15 euros and meat and fish dishes between 15 and 20 euros. If you’re visiting the major cities, try and eat away from the main tourist hotspots where you will find prices in restaurants inflated. Instead find a quieter back street to dine on.