Make sure you pack some travel adaptors. Italy operates on 230V/50Hz system. Appliances with a voltage of 220-240V can be used here with the correct adapter.  There are three plug types in Italy – types C, F and L. Plug type C has 2 round pins, plug type F has 2 round pins with 2 earth clips on the side and plug type L has three round pins. You may also want to take a portable power bank with you to ensure that you can charge up when you’re out and about.

In terms of what to wear, visitors to Italy are often struck by how smart Italians dress. It’s summed up by the saying ‘La Bella Figura’ which is best explained by reading the fantastic novel by Kamin Mohammadi. Clothes are classic and stylish and there is a strong emphasis on accessorising, whether with a scarf, headwear or sunglasses. The other thing you’re bound to notice is how swiftly the Italians will don their Winter coats. Italians seem to be obsessed with catching a chill! Tourists may still find the weather positively balmy but the locals can already have their puffer jackets on!

Most visitors to Italy will find that they spend a lot of time exploring on foot. Many of the streets may also be uneven and cobbled. As a result, wear sensible and comfortable shoes. Restrict flip flops to days on the beach. And restrict sportswear to the gym! Dress smartly but comfortably if you don’t want to stand out.

Do also remember that Italy is a Roman Catholic country. Avoid baring lots of flesh and opt for a longer skirt length. If visiting the churches or cathedrals, remember that shoulders and knees will need to be covered.

One way to help you be more organised when packing is to invest in some travel cubes. These are a great way to both organise your packing but also to compact clothing into as small a space as possible. Take a look at our favourites on Amazon.

Besides this, a camera is a must!

Finally, it can be thirsty work when sightseeing particularly in the peak Summer months. Avoid single use plastics by investing in a water bottle. There are also plenty of water fountains all over Italy where you can fill up during the day.