Seven tips for planning an Italian wedding

Seven tips for planning an Italian wedding

There’s no doubt about it; Italy is an incredible location for a wedding. You’d be in good company too — George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin got hitched in Venice, John Legend and Chrissy Tiegan by Lake Como and Kim Kardashian became Mrs West in Florence.

But wedding planning can also be complicated, so we’ve compiled some of our favourite tips to help the process run as smoothly as possible.

Forget About the Location

…just for a moment. The Italian regions are quite varied, but there are some striking similarities between them. Tuscany and Umbria are like sisters, only Umbria is far cheaper. You could get Tuscany experience but at a smaller price tag — which means extra money in the pot for some of those additional wedding luxuries. The Italian Lake also provide a breathtakingly stunning backdrop for wedding photos.

Go on a Weekend Break

Planning a wedding abroad is an excellent excuse for a weekend break (or two). For research purposes, obvious. The trip is also a good time to scope out some of the local suppliers who you want to involve in your big day; from cake makers to florists, make up artists to caterers. You can also book a local guide to help you scope out potential venues and give you valuable local insight which you won’t find elsewhere.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be stressful, let alone hundreds — if not thousands — of miles away from where you live. Getting a wedding planner to assist from the outset will help you remain calm, safe in the knowledge that your big day is being taken care of.

Get Your Paperwork Sorted

The legalities of getting married in Italy can be complicated if you’re not a resident; you’ll need to present your documentation at least four days before your wedding (but not too far in advance, as some authorities want it reasonably close to your wedding date). However, don’t be too organised and make any name changes ahead of your travelling — all of your documents are expected to match.

…or just have a celebration in Italy instead

Because of the complicated red tape around organising a legal ceremony, many couples opt to get married in their home country and have a simple celebrant-led ceremony in Italy. One advantage to this is that the ceremony can be tailored so that it’s far more personal to the happy couple.

Plan around the seasons

The winter months in Italy can be pretty harsh, which is why the May to September months are the most popular months for weddings. But if you want to go off-season, you can get some great deals — even if you have to head inside if the weather turns against you.

Think Local

Each region has its own distinct traditions, food and sub-culture. For a truly unique experience, embrace these as part of your plans — whether its staying in a trullo in Puglia, truffle hunting in Tuscany or sampling local wines in Veneto.

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