Things to do in Umbria: The Ultimate Umbria bucket list

Things to do in Umbria: The Ultimate Umbria bucket list

Whilst most people have now visited Tuscany (or are at least familiar with Tuscany’s towns and cities and can quickly conjure up images of its beautiful rolling countryside), Umbria remains much less well known, attracting just a fraction of the visitors as its nearest neighbour. And yet, Umbria offers the same incredible beauty that Tuscany can boast and offers much better value for money. So, what are the must-see sites in Umbria? Check out our Ultimate Umbria Bucket List to help you plan your next Umbria holiday.

  1. Visit the world’s tallest man-made waterfall (and second tallest waterfall in Europe) – the Cascate delle Marmore.
  2. Follow the footsteps of pilgrims to Assisi
  3. Marvel at Orvieto’s Duomo
  4. Head underground to explore Orvieto’s well
  5. Take a ride on Gubbio’s cable car
  6. Enjoy a day of water sports on Lake Trasimeno
  7. Eat chocolate in Perugia
  8. Eat and drink in Montefalco’s restaurants
  9. Visit the beautiful Lake Pontius, supposed to be the resting place of Pontius Pilate’s body
  10. Visit the Foresta Fossile di Dunarobba to see the trees that are 1.5 million years old
  11. Stock up on foodstuffs in Norcia
  12. Marvel at the spectacular flower meadows in Castelluccio
  13. Listen to the jazz at Umbria’s most famous annual music festival – Umbria Jazz
  14. Play a round of golf at the renowned Antognolla Golf Course
  15. Walk across the Ponte delle Tori in Spoleto
  16. Discover the art of paper making in Bevagna
  17. See the lights on the world’s biggest Christmas tree in Gubbio
  18. Witness the region’s most unusual race – the Corsa all’ Anello – in Narni
  19. Spend the day searching for truffles
  20. Go shopping for cashmere in ‘Cashmere Valley’
  21. Explore the Roman remains in Spello
  22. Be a spectator and watch the jousting at Foligno’s Quintana
  23. Become a madman of Gubbio at the city’s famous fountain
  24. Marvel at the flowers on display at Spello’s Infiorata
  25. Shop for a bargain at Assisi’s monthly antiques market
  26. Enjoy a walk around the Parco dei Mostri (Park of the Monsters)
  27. Visit the mummies in Ferentillo
  28. Visit Terni, the birthplace of St Valentine
  29. Drive through the tobacco fields of the Upper Tiber valley
  30. Explore one of Umbria’s abandoned villages such as the village of Scoppio