Why you should consider getting married in Italy: guest post by Violet Glenton

Why you should consider getting married in Italy: guest post by Violet Glenton

We may have gone a bit wedding-mad here at the Bookings For You HQ, but at least we’re not the only ones; this week, guest blogger Violet Glenton writes about why Italy is the perfect choice for a destination wedding…

There are many reasons why you should consider getting married in Italy. I’ll tell you my experiences of both my own wedding and my sisters, but first let me set the scene.

I opted for Lake Garda, Malcesine to be exact. With the Italian lakes, the weather is unpredictable and I experienced thunder, lightning, rain and bright sunshine all within the same day. The Italians – ever the optimistic – consistently reminded me that ‘a wet bride is a lucky bride’ and I just got on with things. True Brit. I got married 31 July 2016 in Malcesine Castle; still one of the happiest days of my life.

My sister, chose San Galgano Abbey, Chiusdino in a beautiful area of Tuscany. Known for its gorgeous sunflowers and a decaying abbey. It was scorching hot, the Italians (as always) were so accommodating as I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and guests were getting overheated (it was late August). The ceremony was beautiful. 

Here are five points that clicked with me for both weddings and the reasons why I’d recommend a wedding in Italy.

The locals are wonderful

On both occasions, nothing was too much for the locals/wedding planners we used. Their cheery disposition helped us both get through our days and reminded us why we’d chosen Italy in the first place.

The locations are breathtaking

How many people can say they got married in a castle by the lake? It was one of the most beautiful sights (come rain or shine). For my sister, the aerial shots of the congregation gathered are some of the most fun and unusual photographs I’ve seen of a wedding. Add into the mix the gorgeous stonework of the abbey and you’ve an album made.

The food is outstanding

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Italy, it’s that their food is incredible. I’m not just talking pizza and pasta, but their cuisine is a show of love. Every intricate detail and flavour is thought out, and with seven courses for weddings you bet they put on a showstopper. I had pear in my Ravioli (a Malcesine speciality) – INCREDIBLE.

Holi-YAY and wedding

You know how weddings are supposed to be the best AND most stressful day of your life? Well you also know how relaxed you are on a holiday? Literally, the idea of a wedding abroad seems to take away the stress of a wedding. I was lounging by the pool the day before mine, and gliding across the lake on a speedboat the day after. Combine Holiday and Wedding and you’re in for a treat.

The parties

For both weddings we held a pre-wedding meet up for all of the guests at our villas. Most villas don’t mind you hosting a little soiree if you ask in advance. They MIGHT even offer to cater for them with local cuisine as they did for us in Chiusdino. Your home from home is the perfect spot to get all the family and friends around for a little introduction before the big day.

If you are considering a wedding abroad, then remember to enjoy and take in every moment. Take photographs and try remember the little details. As always, enjoy.

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