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Puglia is a great area of Italy to visit all year round with an average of over 300 sunny days to enjoy each year.

As you would expect, July and August are the hottest months in the area, where temperatures often reach 30 degrees centigrade. Certainly, at this time of year, some of the main towns and cities can get almost stiflingly hot and here it’s not unusual to see temperatures over 35 degrees, however temperatures tend to stay cooler on the coast. And the coast is certainly a great place to be in the height of the Summer. The sea warms up to the mid twenties, making a dip in the sea most enjoyable. Don’t worry though, even if you’re inland, at Bookings For You we make sure that, where needed, our villas have air conditioning to ensure you are nice and cool at night. All our villas also have the benefits of enjoying pool access so you can always take a dip to cool off!

If you’re not someone who enjoys the heat, then you might want to consider travelling across May, June or September instead of coming in the height of the Summer. Puglia’s Summer season is long and dry and lasts from the end of May to the end of September. These months can still be very hot but as a rule, these months do arguably offer holidaymakers the most pleasant temperatures for sightseeing combined with some lovely sunshine to top up that tan!

Even Spring and Autumn can be a lovely time to visit. The Spring comes early and is generally warm and sunny, with temperatures usually climbing to the low twenties by the end of April. And the temperatures often stay up well into the Autumn months. It’s not unknown for temperatures to stay in the low twenties until December and it’s usually possible to swim in the sea quite comfortably as late as October.

Winter is also a great time to visit. Whilst Winter is the time of year that the region sees most rainfall, daytimes tend to be mild with temperatures only dropping at night. November and December are the months that see most amount of rain.