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Bespoke video solutions for your holiday rental

Bookings For You always aim to be at the forefront of holiday rental marketing. In 2014, we joined forces with our media production partner, Villa Films, to offer a new way for owners to create more consumer interest in their holiday rental via targeted professional video content.

With a wealth of expertise in this area, Villa Films have worked all over the world producing professional bespoke property videos. This enables holidaymakers not just to browse still images of your holiday rental, but also to view emotive video content, showing holidaymakers not just your beautiful property but also the surrounding area. Villa Films aim to produce cost effective but beautiful and evocative films that inspire viewers to experience a holiday destination or a holiday property first hand. These films can be added to our website to offer holidaymakers a unique insight in to a holiday at your villa in Italy.

Pricing for our bespoke video service

Bookings For You have worked closely with Villa Films to be able to offer property owners significant discounts on their normal rates. We already have video shoots planned in the Italian Lakes for October 2015 and have provisional dates in a variety of locations in Italy across 2016. If you would like your property to be part of these shoots, please do contact us for more information and for details on prices we can offer.