10 reasons to get married in Italy

10 reasons to get married in Italy

If you’re looking to get hitched and are considering tying the knot abroad, then there are so many reasons why Italy is the ideal country in which to get wed. There really are a host of reasons why. Here are our top 10…

Stunning scenery

The simple fact is that couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on a backdrop for their wedding in Italy. From the incredibly beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany to the serenity of the Italian Lakes, from the canals of Venice to the historical architecture of Rome and from the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to the stunning beaches of Puglia…. there truly is something in Italy to cater to everyone’s tastes. Wherever you chose, the wedding photos will provide an idyllic physical memory of the perfect setting for your big day.

Fantastic choice of wedding venues in Italy

Italy is a country steeped in history and its incredible breadth of architecture reflects its fascinating past. When it comes to celebrating a special event, this in turn means that there are a whole host of wedding venues in Italy to choose from. From a rural wedding in a rustic farmhouse to a glamorous wedding at a lakeside villa, from an outdoor wedding on the beach to an indoor setting in a stately ballroom and from a wedding in a mansion overlooking the sea to a ceremony amid Italy’s enchanting vineyards… All are easily possible if you opt to have a wedding in Italy. Start your search by taking at a look at the top 10 wedding villas in Italy.

The great food…

There are so many reasons to choose to hold your destination wedding in Italy, not least the food! The wedding breakfast is an incredibly important part of the big day and Italy is renowned for its exceptional cuisine. If you’re looking to hold a traditional wedding in Italy, then you’ll be delighted to hear that a traditional wedding breakfast consists of six courses, allowing you to really savour the meal! However, there are so many food options on offer your guests these days. You could equally opt for something very informal instead and perhaps choose to serve up freshly made pizzas straight out of a wood-fired oven, followed by ice cold gelato. The choices are endless and with the passion Italians have for food, you will certainly have plenty of fun deciding what to eat!

…Not to mention the incredible wine!

And of course, it goes without saying that the food needs to be washed down with a tipple or two. Italy is home to some of the world’s most famous wines. Who needs champagne when you have prosecco?!! Not to mention the calibre of both Italy’s red and white wines – Barolo, Chianti Classico, Primitivo and Amarone to name just a few. And, as well as wines, Italians are famous for their cocktails too. The Bellini, Negroni, Sgroppino and Aperol Spritz all originated in Italy. Suffice to say, you’ll be in safe hands with your chosen barman!

The honeymoon

Rather than having to waste time travelling to your honeymoon destination, have your wedding in Italy and your honeymoon destination can be on your doorstep! Whether you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon or an adventurous one, a relaxing honeymoon or one jam-packed with sightseeing, Italy ticks all the boxes when it comes to honeymoon destinations. Head to Sicily or Puglia if you want to enjoy lazy days on some of Italy’s most beautiful beaches or opt for Tuscany and Umbria if you’re an art lover or prefer to sightsee together. Alternatively, if you’re more into sport, you may want to consider the Italian Lakes where you’ll have an abundance of water sports to choose from, or the Alps where you can make the most of the fantastic hiking routes on offer. And to enjoy an era of bygone glamour elegance, there is no better honeymoon destination than beautiful Capri and the Amalfi Coast.

The weather

Who doesn’t want the sun to shine on their big day? Whilst of course, no one can ever guarantee the weather anywhere for a particular day, Italy does have a generally Mediterranean climate typified by mild winters and hot, sunny Summers. That said, with such a diverse geography, there are regional differences and even micro-climates within Italy’s weather patterns. As a general rule, if you’re planning on getting hitched in the Spring or Autumn and are looking to enjoy a high chance of warmth and sunshine, head to the south of the country and to regions such as Sicily or Puglia. If you’re tying the knot across the peak Summer months, bear in mind that these regions can become uncomfortably hot (especially if your groom and guests are decked out in suits), so at this time of year perhaps opt for the Italian Lakes, Tuscany or Umbria. That said, the importance of the weather will depend on whether you’ve opted to enjoy a wedding celebration indoors or outdoors.

Italian style

There is no doubting Italian style. Italy is synonymous with style and design across so many sectors and they certainly bring this flair to the fore when putting on a wedding in Italy. Quite simply, Italians just seem to do it better! Italians are also full of passion, especially when it comes to love. So expect plenty of enthusiasm to shine through. A wedding in Italy promises to be the most idyllic of celebrations, whatever style you have planned for your big day.

The cost

How much a wedding in Italy costs is an impossible question to answer. As in all countries, the sky is the limit when it comes to spending should you have deep pockets. But a wedding doesn’t need to cost a lot in Italy and it’s certainly possible to plan a beautiful wedding in Italy on a budget, making it affordable for all.

Clear process to follow

Destination weddings abroad have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to plan. There is the language barrier for one thing along with the fact that the legalities you need to adhere to may differ from those in your home country. However, whilst the processes and paperwork to get married in Italy do vary from other countries, with the help of a wedding planner the bureaucracy is very easy to navigate. A good Italian wedding planner will typically complete the documentation for you, taking the stress out of planning your big day. They may add to the overall cost of the day, but trust me, every penny spent on a wedding planner is worth it! Find out more about the rules and regulations if you want to enjoy your wedding in Italy in our Italy wedding guide.

Great transport links

Last but not least, there is a very practical reason for choosing Italy for your destination wedding venue. It’s easy to get to! With plenty of airports to choose from and great public transportation links, wherever your wedding guests are arriving from, they should have no difficulty in joining you for the big day. Not only that, but with Italy also synonymous with some of the world’s most stylish cars, the bride and groom will be spoilt for choice when it comes to transportation options to take them to their big day.

Convinced that Italy is the perfect country for your upcoming nuptials? Then it’s time to start looking at some wedding venues in Italy.