8 things to do in Umbria

8 things to do in Umbria

1. Visit Perugia

A very well known town, Perugia has to be number one on this list. Its medieval streets and beautiful architecture making it a must-see if you’re in Umbria. Palazzo dei Priori is one of the largest and most imposing buildings in the whole of Umbria. It’s home to Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria – a fantastic collection of Umbrian renaissance and medieval art. An absolute must for anyone interested in art!

2. Unveil Todi

Many people regard Unveil Todi to be Umbria’s most beautiful city. A few years ago Italian press even called it the most liveable city in the world! Now they might be biased, but we think they’re onto something. It’s a medieval hilltop town, so naturally has a beautiful view – this one oerlooking the Tevere Valley. The main square is often used in movie sets and is the host of medieval monuments such as the Duomo and Palazzo del Popolo. There’s not a lot else to see, but a few hours wandering the picture perfect streets is not much short of bliss. 

3. Orvieto

A small hilltop city – what’s new? This is one of Italy’s oldest, inhabited since the Etruscan times 2200 years ago. Even just a gentle wander around the streets, perhaps stopping at a cafe for a gelato, is an easy way to while away an afternoon. But if you want to take in more sights, there’s the Duomo di Orvieto. Built in the 14th century it still dominates the town. Pozzo di San Patrizio is worth a stop too. A huge, spiral well with staircase 53 metres into the rock. It was built in 1527 and took 10 years to complete. 

4. Norcia

Head for the mountains and visit this lovely little town. It was affected by the 2016 earthquake and some of the buildings, including the San Benedetto Church, have some damage but local perseverance and tourism interest is helping repair what’s broken. Norcia is also a must-visit for foodies. It offers a fantastic selection of local truffles, cheeses, hams, salamis and lentils. Imagine the cafe lunch possibilities! The town also makes a great base for exploring the Parco dei Monti Sibillini, stradling the border between Umbria and Le Marche in the east.

5. Marmore Waterfalls 

You expect Italy’s tallest waterfall to be somewhere in the Alps or Dolomites, but you’d be wrong. It’s in Umbria! Standing 165 metres tall and located in the Nera River Park, they’re arguably Italy’s most beautiful falls too. The constant spray from the waterfall creates a lush green jungle like forest. Great for a respite from the Italian summer heat. 

6. Umbria’s four wine routes

Of course there are “wine routes” in Italy. It’s the home of wine! The four are – ‘Strada del Vino dei Colli del Trasimeno’, the ‘Strada dei Vini del Cantico’, the ‘Strada dei Vini Etrusco Romana’ and the ‘Strada del Sagrantino’. Whichever you choose you’re guaranteed an exciting day of visiting vineyards and wine cellars – accompanied by a glass or two!

7. Bevagna

Bevagna is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It’s only small and you can walk around it in an hour, but that’s the charm. It feels like stepping back in time. There are two Romanesque churches – San Silvestro and San Michele – dating back to 1195. San Michele is well known for its gargoyles hanging over the doorway. 

8. Sibilini National Park

For the day you get bored of piazzas, squares and churches. Get out into the wide open poppy fields of Piana di castelluccio di Norcia in Sibilini National Park. There are lots of hiking trails all over the area and rock climbers will love Monte Bove. There’s even a canyon for rafting and canyoning. A world of peace, quiet and breathtaking scenery. 

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