Best blogs about Italy for your next trip

Best blogs about Italy for your next trip

Whilst not everyone may be able to travel right now, we think this is the perfect opportunity to plan your next trip to Italy. We also think that any time is the right time to learn about Italy, our favourite country in the world. There are so many ways to do this – travel books, TV programmes and podcasts to name but a few. But we also absolutely love digging through the wealth of content available via Italian blogs online. The Bookings For You team are pretty proud of our very own blog about Italy but we also love learning from others so today we thought we’d share some of our favourite Italy blogs with you. Here are our favourite blogs about Italy.


Top of our list is Italophilia, the brainchild of Ishita Sood. Ishita lives in India but is a seasoned traveller to Italy. Her blog has an incredible wealth of information about Italy, from offering readers help in mastering the Italian language to advice about what to see and do during your Italy trip. She’ll even tell you where to find the best coffee and gelato and will share plenty of her stunning holiday snaps with you.

Where to Go In

Federica Rustica set up Where to Go in Rome whilst at university, sparked by her desire to change the mind of a friend who thought Rome was boring! She certainly quickly achieved that aim! Since then, she’s opened it up to new destinations but Italy remains at the heart of the blog. If you’re looking to find the insider information on the best restaurants or beaches, the best places to stay and the best places to explore in Italy, then look no further than Where to Go In.

Orna O’Reilly: Travelling Italy

Orna O’Reilly has written for years but her blog about Italy came about after her move to Italy in 2013. Now living in Puglia, her blog has a strong emphasis on photos of her travels and life in Italy.

Our Lives in Italy

In their own words, this is a ‘warts and all’ account of life in Italy from husband and wife team, Lisa and Craig McKnight. Currently living in Calabria, this is a blog that shines the spotlight on this relatively undiscovered region of Italy. And, with an increasing focus on food via both their blog and newly launched podcast, this is definitely a blog after our own heart!

Girl in Florence

As the name would suggest, this blog focuses very much on our favourite Italian city, Florence. Created by Georgette Jupe, she describes herself as a ‘Tuscan Texan immersed in Florentine life.’ With a recent move to Switzerland, the blog now has a dual focus but covers Georgette’s life abroad and is a great source of insider information and top tips to adjusting to life overseas with plenty of travel gems, restaurant recommendations and great ideas for those looking to spend time in Florence. 

Take me Home Italy

The creation of Marilyn Ricci, Take me Home Italy is a heartfelt, personal journey into Italy as Marilyn shares her love of her Italian heritage with others. Born in the USA but now living in Liguria, we almost feel Take me Home Italy is almost like a personal online diary she is sharing with the world. You can tell Marilyn has her roots in Italy – her personality exudes the warmth and generosity of spirit you come to expect from Italians.

Calabria: The Other Italy

Another blog that focuses on the lesser known region of Calabria, its creator Karen Haid is the perfect author to shine the light on this spot in Southern Italy and convince you to move it to the top of your bucket list. This blog allows you to really explore Calabria in depth from finding out about its incredible history to exploring some of its lesser known villages to bringing to life its delicious food.

An American in Rome

The equivalent for us of A Girl in Florence but with the focus very much on Rome, travel and food writer Natalie shares her insider news and top tips on life in Rome, perfect if you’re planning to spend a few days in Italy’s capital city. You’ll find some great tips on things to see and do as well as the best bars and restaurants to try. There’s also some other great content on Italy more generally.

Our Italian Journey

Ilene and Gary enjoy Italian Dual Citizenship. They spent 2019 living in Italy. Whilst they have now returned to the USA, they continue to inspire people to travel to Italy through their blog (and more recently through their first book of the same name). You’ll find plenty of general travel tips along with travel guides and inspiring ideas on where to visit and even recipes for you to enjoy a taste of Italy at home.

Curious Appetite

Coral Sisk’s blog will provide lots of informative content about Italy but most of all, she has a focus on Italian food, wine and culture. Coral describes herself as an ‘Italian/Persian Made-In-America gourmet food blogger from Seattle’ who has a real passion for Italian food. Her blog isn’t just an excellent source of information if you’re looking to travel to Italy. It’s also a great source of recipes if you’re looking to create an Italian feast at home.

She go Wandering

She Go Wandering is the creation of Helga Dosa, writer, editor, creative designer, and photographer extraordinaire! Launched in 2018 it is a travel blog focusing not just on Italy but on some other European destinations too including Spain. A number of Italian regions are covered but there is a strong emphasis on Emilia Romagna.

Travel Bloggers Directories

Last but not least, there are some great Travel Blogger Directory lists out there which keep an up to date record of some of the best travel blogs out there at the moment. Keep an eye on James’ Travel Bloggers Guide, for recommendations on some of the best travel blogs not just in Italy but further afield along with Bookmark Travel.