Best places to visit in Italy in March

Best places to visit in Italy in March

March is the month when we get to welcome the official first day of Spring. With that in mind, what better way to put the cold winter days behind you than to plan a holiday to Italy!

We think March is a lovely month to holiday in Italy. For a start, it’s a chance to beat the rest of the tourists to Italy. After all, it’s not a time when most families with school-age children are able to travel. That is, unless school holidays come super early. As a result, expect to see fewer crowds to contend with. A word of caution. Another exception to this would be Easter week should Easter fall early. During this time, expect Florence and Rome to be super busy.

And, whilst perhaps the weather won’t be warm enough for sunbathing (with the exception perhaps in southern Italy where it’s not unusual for temperatures to reach the high teens in March), the weather is certainly improving throughout the country. The countryside remains beautifully lush and green after the rain of the preceding Winter months. Just be prepared for the unpredictable when it comes to March weather patterns. Layering up when it comes to clothing is probably the best advice so that you’re prepared for all eventualities.

So, here’s our guide to the best places to visit in Italy in March.

Best places to visit in Italy in March: Puglia

Best places to visit in Italy in March

In the very South of Italy, Puglia is renowned for its high temperatures in the peak Summer months. But in the early months of Spring, you’ll find temperatures much more pleasant. This is particularly the case if you’re looking to explore the region. In the Summer, it can be too hot to sightsee during the day. But, in March you can very comfortably wander through Puglia’s towns and villages all day long. Discover gems such as Ostuni, Locorotondo, Polignano a Mare, Cisternino and Alberobello in March without the crowds or the heat to content with.

March is arguably a quieter month than either February or April when it comes to annual celebrations. However, it’s worth noting that Father’s Day is celebrated throughout Italy on 19 March. This celebration also coincides with the Festa di San Giuseppe (Feast of St Joseph). The latter is an important day in the Roman Catholic calendar. It is marked throughout the Puglia region by the lighting of bonfires.

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Best places to visit in Italy in March: Italy’s cities

Best places to visit in Italy in March

Some other best places to visit in Italy in March include Italy’s main cities. Springtime is the perfect time to enjoy a city break in Italy. Summer temperatures in Italy’s primary cities make sightseeing rather uncomfortable later in the year. However, in March, they’re ideal for pounding the city streets. That said, temperatures may vary quite significantly in March. Be prepared to dress for average low temperatures of 4°C up to highs of 16°C. Our advice? Pack plenty of layers and a warm jacket. You should also find most Italian cities devoid of tourists in March. The only exception is if Easter falls early. If this is the case, expect a high influx of holidaymakers over the Easter weekend in particular.

It’s not just Italy’s men that are celebrated in March. So are Italy’s women too. Every year on 8 March, Italy celebrates La Festa della Donna, International Women’s Day. Italy is filled with the scent and golden colour of mimosas, and this flower is presented to women across the country. You’ll typically find that Italy’s cities have plenty on offer to add to the day’s celebrations. Why not sample a mimosa cocktail in one of the bars and cafes. Alternatively, head to one of the city’s pasticceria to purchase one of the baked goods or sweets made to celebrate La Festa della Donna.

And, of course, Rome celebrates the death of Caesar every year in March. Head to the Largo di Torre Argentina to witness a re-enactment of his assassination.

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Best places to visit in Italy in March: Umbria

Best places to visit in Italy in March

We have to confess that we add Umbria to our list of places to visit in Italy every single month of the year. March is no exception! But, given that Umbria’s capital city, Perugia, hosts a week-long celebration of chocolate in March – Eurochocolate – we think there is more reason than ever to visit Umbria this month! But not only that. Travel to Umbria at the start of March and you will also catch the end of the Nero Norcia. This celebrates the wonderful black truffle. Chocolates and truffles… that’s a magical combination if you ask us!

Like with Italy’s cities in March, Umbria tends to be free of tourists at this time of year. This is another great reason for visiting. Once again though, the exception would be if Easter is early. In this case, expect Assisi to be busy as pilgrims flock to Assisi and to the Basilica of St Francis.

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Best places to visit in Italy in March: Sicily

Best places to visit in Italy in March

We love Sicily in March. For us, it’s the easiest place in Italy to put the winter behind you and feel that summer is on its way! Temperatures are becoming much milder, there is far less rain than in the preceding months and the wildflowers are already starting to bloom, spreading a colourful blanket over rural Sicily. There is no better event to herald the arrival of Spring than the Almond Blossom festival in Agrigento in Sicily. Head along to witness the plethora of folk groups that flock to the area to celebrate the arrival of Spring. And take part in the wonderful procession that follows the lighting of the Torch of Friendship.

Once the Almond Blossom Festival festivities have ended, there is plenty more to see and do in Sicily in March. The average high temperature in Sicily at this time of year sits just below 19°C. In short, it’s ideal for enjoying Sicily’s great outdoors. Take the opportunity to explore the island’s many hiking trails and cycle routes. And enjoy sightseeing in its main towns and cities too.

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Best places to visit in Italy in March: Tuscany

Last but not least in our list of best places to visit in Italy in March is Tuscany. Yes, you have to expect that the weather in Tuscany in March will be variable to say the least. This isn’t the time of year you’re going to be relaxing poolside topping up the tan. But it is the perfect weather for sightseeing and exploring. Plus, you’ll find accommodation a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay in July and August.

One of Tuscany’s most famous festivals is the palio in Siena. OK. So this does not take place in March! But the next best thing does! This month sees the Palio dei Somari in Torrita di Siena. Basically, think donkeys instead of horses! But expect to see as many parades and as much medieval dancing and flag-throwing as you’d expect from Tuscany’s more famous palio!

And head to Pisa in March and you will find the locals celebrating Capodanno (New Year) on 25 March. Whilst most of the rest of the world has already celebrated on 1 January, until 1749 Pisa and its own calendar. According to this calendar, 25 March was the day of the Annunciation. Between 24 and 28 March, expect plenty of parades, re-enactments, Medieval costumes and dinners.

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