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Amalfi Coast weather

The Amalfi Coast has a fantastic weather climate. Of course, temperatures can get very hot during the peak Summer months of July and August. Average high temperatures peak at 29 degrees centigrade across these months. But for those who are looking for a holiday that combines plenty of lazy days in the sunshine topping up the tan with the opportunity to experience Italian culture and History, it’s a superb place to visit.

If you’re not restricted by school holidays and want to visit all the ancient sites during your visit, then you may want to consider travelling in late Spring (April / May / June) or early Autumn (September / October). Accommodation prices may well be lower so you will get more for your money but temperatures will also be more pleasant for those wanting to enjoy some serious sightseeing. Average high temperatures in September are still in the mid twenties.

For those looking to avoid the rain, rainfall is highest across the Winter months of November and December, and lowest in June, July and August. Temperatures are also coolest in November and December with an average high of 17 and 13 degrees centigrade respectively. Winter months can see some coastal fog in the region too but visitors travelling in the Winter should still enjoy some bright, sunny days. Certainly, the run up to Christmas is a fun and exciting time to visit the area when holidaymakers can enjoy the Christmas festivities and events. These tend to start on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. If you can stay over Christmas and New Year, then head to Naples for the fireworks display… it is arguably the best in Italy.