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Amalfi Coast walks and hikes

If you are keen walkers and hikers, there are numerous wonderful Amalfi Coast walks and hikes to enjoy during your Amalfi Coast villa holiday. Each one makes the most of the stunning scenery that makes this area of Italy so special.

Probably the best time of year to visit if you are planning on some long walks during your trip would be in late Spring and early Autumn. This is when the weather tends not to be too hot. It’s also when there is a wonderful abundance of colour provided by the flowering plants.

Amalfi Coast hiking trails

The Sentiero degli Dei (Trail of the Gods) is probably the most famous of the walks in this area. It’s arguably best tackled westwards if you want to make the most of the amazing views. It consists of two trails (a lower trail as well as a higher ridge trail).

It’s also worth exploring the Valley of the Mills. Here, trails follow the Canneto River. Information on walks here can be obtained from the Centro Visite Valle delle Ferriere.

Another option is to enjoy a trek in the surroundings of the volcanic landscape of the Vesuvius National Park. Established in 1995, the park’s flora and fauna are rich and varied. The agriculture it produces is also considered unique in terms of the variety and special taste of its products. The volcano is probably the most famous in the world, so it’s worth heading to the summit of Vesuvius before taking one of the designated trails around the park. There are nine colour coded trails in total. Each varies in difficulty. The volcano last erupted in March 1944 and since then has been dormant. As a result, visitors need not worry about any unexpected explosions! Visitors are charged to visit the crater however children under 10 are admitted free of charge when accompanied by their parents.

If you would like to hire the services of an experienced guide during your Amalfi Coast villa holiday, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or for more information about specific trails and hiking routes, it is worth contacting the official tourist board of the Campania region.