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Italian Lakes Weather

It’s notoriously difficult to try and predict the weather patterns in the Italian Lakes. The Italian Lakes weather varies enormously and you certainly can’t guarantee what it will be like at any time of year. However, we hope to give you at least an indication of what it will be like. Using some of the usual Lake Como weather patterns and looking at the average Lake Maggiore weather conditions, we’ll let you know what to expect. That way, we can hopefully help you to best plan your stay in this beautiful area of Italy.

Overall, Italian Lakes weather tends to be mild with nearly 2300 hours of sunshine to enjoy each year. Holidaymakers will quickly see evidence of this from the wonderful array of exotic plant species grown throughout the wonderful lakeside gardens.

In the Summer, Lake Maggiore weather temperatures can rise to 30 degrees centigrade. The maximum temperature recorded on Lake Maggiore in recent years was actually a staggering 38 degrees. However, unlike elsewhere in Italy, temperatures tend not to get too hot. This is as they tend to be cooled by the pleasant breezes coming down from the mountains. Lake Maggiore weather temperatures usually drop during late evening hours. The good news is that this means it’s usually not too hot to get a good nights sleep. Air conditioning certainly isn’t needed in this part of the Italian mainland. The same is true of Lake Como weather patterns too.

In contrast, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como weather temperatures tend to be coldest in January, when average highs only reach around seven degrees. Days tend to be dry and crisp at this time of year. Average rainfall at this time is also at its lowest with only an average of 5 days of rain or drizzle across both January and February.

Snow doesn’t often fall heavily around the lakeside however the mountain tops will, of course, usually see plenty of snowfall. This means the opportunity to enjoy some great skiing for those of all abilities. All the Italian Lakes villas that Bookings For You manage are within an hour of the ski slopes, with some much closer.

That’s not to say that the Italian Lakes weather doesn’t see it’s fair share of rain. The area is incredibly green and beautiful and this does reflect the rainfall it does get. If you’re looking for a holiday with 100% guaranteed sunshine all day every day, this is not the place for you. However if you don’t mind a day of rain here and there, you’ll be fine. There is certainly plenty to keep you entertained whatever the weather!

If you want to do your best to avoid the rain, then bear in mind that average weather conditions dictate that rainfall tends to be heaviest in April and May. In contrast, it’s lowest over the winter months from December through to March. However, this doesn’t follow a set pattern…! There will always be exceptions to the rule!

Storms when they do come can be dramatic. It’s great fun to sit staring out of your windows across the lake to see the lightening hit the water.