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Travel information for Lake Maggiore

We all know that travelling can be stressful. However hopefully our Lake Maggiore travel guide will help take the stress out of your travel arrangements.

Your holiday should certainly go nice and smoothly if you’re up to speed on all the Lake Maggiore travel information you need ahead of your stay.

Lake Maggiore is served by three main airports – Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Milan Bergamo. The nearest of these is Milan Malpensa which is approximately an hours drive from all the properties that Bookings For You offer holidaymakers in this area. Milan Linate tends to be around ninety minutes away from the holiday villas and apartments whilst Milan Bergamo is nearer a two hour drive. However, if you want to break up your journey, the old town of Bergamo is well worth a visit if you fancy extending your stay for a day or two.

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London Luton             Ryanair
London Stansted          Ryanair
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Once at the lake, there is a fantastic boat service taking you around all the beautiful towns and villages on the lake. Boats are frequent but the timetable does change depending on the time of year. Each local Tourist Information office will be able to give holidaymakers a copy of the timetable and provide you with any additional travel information for Lake Maggiore. Alternatively, you can view times and prices at the website. (

If you’re part of a larger group and are looking to hire your own boat to get around the lake during your stay, then we can recommend or They have a couple of boats – a taxi boat accommodating up to 30 passengers as well as a catamaran which can hold up to 50 guests. The latter also has it’s own on board cocktail bar! They offer a wide variety of services from group transport, weddings, family events and team building to classic excursions.

Another option to get around is by train. The train is certainly a great option to use if you want to visit Milan during your stay. It’s also a great way to get from the airport to the lake if you don’t hire a car. If you want to explore the railway travel information for Lake Maggiore, then all the train times can be found at For those looking to reach the lakeside by train, you may also need to visit the Swiss train company website – They operate a direct train service from Milan Malpensa terminal 1 up to Locarno at the head of the lake, stopping en route at various towns along the Eastern side of Lake Maggiore including the popular towns of Luino and Maccagno. The price of a one way ticket from the airport to the latter is approximately 11 euros per adult.

Unfortunately, once on the lake, the other methods of public transport aren’t as easy to navigate and there is less travel information for Lake Maggiore concerned with either taxis or buses.

Taxis can prove very difficult to find so definitely book one in advance if you need to head somewhere. We do have taxi numbers in the area around Luino if required. For larger groups, it is also possible to hire a minibus or even a coach. Please contact us for details.

Buses aren’t always as frequent as in other area of Italy either so it’s worth hiring a car unless your holiday villa or apartment is within walking distance of a boat terminal. Bookings For You are proud to work with Car Rentals to offer guests competitive rates on their car rental for their next holiday. Please click here to receive your quote today.

If hiring a car you may also want to consider taking out excess insurance. Whilst the car hire companies in Italy are excellent, they can often charge their customers a high excess. That means that, in the event of an accident, damage or theft, your car rental company will most likely charge you up to your excess amount to repair or replace the vehicle. As a result, Bookings For You advise their clients to take out excess insurance on their car hire. You can either pay a daily rate or choose an annual policy to cover you on all your yearly car hire rentals (not just your holiday in Italy). You’ll usually find that an annual policy with still costs less than it would cost you to pay the car hire company to waive the excess charges on your Italy holiday rental. Then in the event of accident, theft, broken windows or tyre damage, the car rental company will charge your card, and the insurance company will reimburse you after you’ve made a claim. For more information please visit

If you need any specific Lake Maggiore travel information ahead of your stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help.