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Tuscany is superb walking territory. The landscape is truly soul stirring and there can surely be no better way to appreciate the beautiful scenery and countryside than on foot. The landscape of Tuscany is also surprisingly varied, with the gentle rolling countryside offering the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll, whilst the mountainous areas of the Alpi Apuane provide the opportunity for serious walkers to enjoy a more challenging hike.

It would be impossible to list all the hiking routes and trails here. Instead, we recommend you visit the local tourist information office on arrival. They will be able to help point out the marked trails near you. Alternatively, the Club Alpino Italiano (CAI) have offices in some towns however they don’t tend to open for long each day. All CAI walking paths and trails are marked by red and white markers. But take care… they are not always reliable. Do always make sure that you take a good map with you.

If you’re looking to enjoy some longer and more strenuous hikes during your stay, we would recommend travelling in either the Spring or across late Summer and early Autumn when temperatures tend to be kinder. Some may well argue that the best time to visit is in the Spring, when you will be treated to a glorious abundance of wildflowers and green countryside. However, others prefer September when the weather tends to be a bit more reliable with less rainfall. However, after the dry hot weather of July and August, you may find the landscape rather dry and scorched at this time of year.