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There are a number of excellent spas in Tuscany, offering guests the chance to escape the stresses of everyday life in an idyllic setting. Renowned for offering the best in beauty treatments and health care, they provide holidaymakers with the chance to unwind and relax in style. However, visitors should be aware that some Italian spas have a much more institutionalised feel than those in the UK, with a focus on healing and rehabilitation rather than on pure relaxation and beauty.

Some spas worth considering include: Originally dating back to Roman times, visitors to the spa today can enjoy the thermal springs, with water temperatures of 43 degrees centigrade along with the facilities of the wellness centre. Again, visitors can enjoy the thermal waters and can receive treatments to aid health complaints such as skin diseases, respiratory problems and bone and joint diseases. More modern spa treatments are also offered including massages, facials, manicures and mud and algae wraps. A 5 star hotel and spa facility. Holidaymakers can enjoy a day at the spa. Please see the website for further details. Offering healthcare treatments for all ages from children through to adults, it also encourages exercise through fitness techniques such as Pilates, N.I.A and Bosu. For those simply looking for rest and relaxation, the spa also offers beauty treatments such as massges and facials. Again, another hotel resort offering day spas. Guests can enjoy thermal treatments, spa treatments, wellness and beauty. A golf and hotel resort offering the ultimate in luxury and pampering. Located 60km from Siena, this facility offers a thermal pool, spa and wellness centre.