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Bookings For You are proud to partner with Greedy Porcini, a company offering some unique gastronomic experiences to enjoy during your stay in Umbria. Greedy Porcini is headed up by a wonderful husband and wife team, passionate about everything Italian but most especially the food and wine of Umbria. Umbrian’s are equally passionate about their food and wine. They care about how it’s made and where it comes from. Greedy Porcini have worked with them to bring together the best of Umbria, providing our clients with the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique gastronomic experience.
By working with Greedy Porcini, Bookings For You can create tailored experiences for you to enjoy during your stay, whether it is a cookery lesson, a private dinner, truffle hunting or wine tasting.

What better way to experience authentic Umbria than to spend a day with either a professional chef or ‘la mama in cucina.’. You could spend the morning at the market with your host or even in the countryside, foraging for the freshest of ingredients in the hedgerows and fields, to source the ingredients you will use in your cooking. Your host will then show you how to prepare authentic Umbrian dishes. Choose the professional chef to learn how to create these dishes with a modern twist, or choose to spend time with our ‘mamas’ to learn exactly how the dish has been made for generation after generation in their family. Then you will have time to relax over lunch and enjoy the fruits of your labours whilst sitting overlooking the poolside.

Or if you prefer, you could journey into the Umbrian hills to spend the morning truffle hunting with their truffle hunter and his dogs, before learning how to use the truffles in some delicious Italian cuisine. We have a superb success rate in finding truffles!

Or, how about a few hours among the olive groves to learn about the history and cultivation of olives in this area of Italy. You will learn about how extra virgin olive oil is produced and can taste a selection of olive oils and discover the variety of foods that they compliment.

Or, for those more interested in wine tasting, why not try the wine pairing course which will enable you to taste which local delicacies and wines work best together.

If you’re lukcy enough to be in Umbria during one of the many wonderful festivals, we can also help to unravel the history of the festival for you and enable you to truly feel like you’re a part of the festivities. Let Greedy Porcini book you a table in one of the restaurants in the centre of the festivities and, if you like, we can have someone join you to explain the foods and the signifance of the festival.

Each experience can be individually tailored, so please contact us for more details. By telling us what you like and enjoy, we are sure that we can suggest something that will take your fancy! Trips are available throughout the year for groups of up to 10 people, as well as for families and couples.