The best Italy villa holidays

The best Italy villa holidays

So we should confess that, when it comes to Italy villa holidays, we are completely biased. Italy ticks the box time and time again, whatever you’re looking for from your next holiday. Here’s our guide to the best places to visit in Italy whatever your preferences.

Best Italian villa holidays for families

Italy is incredibly family friendly. You could name any region, city, town or village in Italy and it would extend a very warm welcome to your family on your Italian holiday.

But, if you’re looking for the region with most activities to keep younger children entertained, then Lake Maggiore gets our vote. Lakeside beaches, crystal clear, calm waters, lidos and water parks offer the perfect setting for lazy days in the sunshine. There are plenty of water sports on Lake Maggiore to enjoy too. Not to mention zip slides, child friendly museums, go karting and much more.

For those with older children, we think Tuscany is a great option. Most teens are super happy to spend hours by the pool. And villas in Tuscany are on the best places to do that. But teens will also love the

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Best Italian villa holidays for sun worshippers

Italy is incredibly lucky when it comes to weather. However, if you’re after pretty much guaranteed sunshine day after day, then head to southern Italy. Here, the regions of Puglia and Sicily have an incredible climate. As early in the year as April, holidaymakers can already enjoy temperatures in the early 20s. And temperatures can still be high enough for sunbathing well into October. Plus, both regions boast the most spectacular beaches where you can enjoy all this Spring, Summer and Autumn sunshine.

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Best Italian villa holidays for culture vultures

When it comes to culture, Italy has bucketloads of it. If you’re looking for a city break, then Rome oozes culture from every street corner. Rome is home to an incredible array of wonderfully preserved Roman remains. Among these is the Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum. Alternatively, head to Florence in Tuscany. Florence was at the heart of the Renaissance and is home to a wealth of artworks and sculptures. But, there are other lesser known cities that could make just as impressive claims to being at the heart of Italy’s Renaissance era. Urbino in Le Marche is certainly one. And an easy day trip from the Amalfi Coast are the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. In short, wherever you head in Italy, you’re going to be surrounded by culture. But, probably a great starting point is Florence or Rome.

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Best Italian villa holidays for nature lovers

When it comes to idyllic scenery, Italy once again has it in abundance. The backdrop of the mountains with the crystal-clear waters of the Italian Lakes is breath-taking. The hills around are a paradise for hikers. Similarly, Tuscany’s rolling hills dotted with olive groves and vines are absolutely beautiful. But for us, Umbria holds the crown. It’s nicknamed ‘the green heart of Italy’ for a reason! One of the most spectacular scenes in Umbria is the Spring flowering in Castelluccio and the Monte Sibillini national park.

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Best Italian villa holidays for sports enthusiasts

If you can’t bring yourself to take a break from fitness even when on holiday, then head to the Italian Lakes. Here there are ample opportunities to keep fit on holiday. For a start, this is prime cycling country. Opt for either road cycling or mountain biking. Or head to the water to enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, water-skiing and more. Or take to the air to enjoy paragliding or parasailing. Whatever your choice of sport, you’ll find it in the Italian Lakes.

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Best Italian villa holidays for glamour seekers

We’re pretty confident that there is nowhere more glamorous in Italy than the island of Capri. It’s every minute as stylish and elegant as it was when Jackie O was walking its streets in the 1950s and 1960s. Head to the Amalfi Coast as your base, don those sunglasses and join the rest of the glamour seekers!

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Best Italian villa holidays for romantic souls

Italy is synonymous with romance. So many Italian destinations are perfect for born romantics. Of course, the most obvious has to be Verona (home to Romeo and Juliet) or the beautiful canals of Venice. But some of the other most romantic places in Italy may surprise you. We think Terni in Umbria is wonderfully romantic. After all, St Valentine is their patron saint. Alternatively, Pienza in Tuscany is wonderfully romantic too. Home to the Via dell Amore (Street of Love) and the Via dell Bacio (Street of the kiss), there is no better place to take a loved one on holiday.

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Best Italian villa holidays for those seeking peace and quiet

To be honest, it’s not hard to escape the crowds in Italy and holiday off the beaten track. Even in one of Italy’s most popular regions – Tuscany – you can simply opt to stay in one of the smaller towns or villages rather than head to the hustle and bustle of cities such as Siena, Pisa or Florence. However, to truly escape the crowds, we can highly recommend

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Best Italian villa holidays for foodies

Of course, with Italy’s reputation for culinary excellence, it’s impossible to choose between each region when it comes to food. How can the spaghetti cacio e pepe that Rome is famous for possibly be deemed better than the ragu of Bologna? Quite frankly, if you’re a foodie, you’re going to be super happy wherever you choose to stay on your next Italian holiday!

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