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Cycling around Lake Como

There are plenty of opportunities for mountain biking around Lake Como. Biking on the main roads is less popular as they do tend to be very narrow in places and can get extremely busy in the peak months.

If you’re looking to hire bikes during your stay, then there are plenty of rental options. Some of these include the Tabo Surf Centres at Gera Laria and Sorico, the Windsurfing Centre in Domaso, Bici Sport 2000 in Lenno, Como Bike in Como and Son of a Beach in Colico. Rental shops will also be able to advise you on cycling routes and itineries.

Keen mountain bikers should also check out the Lake Como Bike Club situated in Bellagio. The club offers a fantastic cycle tour. At 58 kms long, it’s not for those without a good degree of fitness. Starting from Bellagio, the tour will take you to the little town of Nesso, then climbing up to Sormano and Zelbio. Cyclists can then enjoy a run downhill before a second climb to Madonna del Ghisallo and back to Bellagio via Civenna and Guello.

The Calalcalario Club near Bellagio also offers some shorter escorted cycle tours with 6, 8 and 22 kilometre rides on offer as well as day trips to Engadina and Colico.

Of course, there are also plenty of opportunities to watch the professional cyclists. Probably the most famous cycling race in Italy is the Giro d’Italia, a stage road bicycle race that takes place in May and June each year. Originally set up by La Gazzetta to boost circulation of its newspaper, their website remains the best place to find out more about the specific stages of the race each year. There are also a number of more local races each year. Head to the nearest tourist information office to find out more.