Where to holiday in Italy in September

Where to holiday in Italy in September

Italy in September can be the answer to the perfect holiday – especially if you’re not a fan of the heat and crowds of the summer months. Italy is definitely one of those places that it’s possible to visit all year round. It has a climate that varies from region to region, and plenty to see and do whether you’re travelling in the middle of Winter or in the peak of the Summer, you could argue that there’s never a bad time to visit Italy.

That said, you’ll often find people arguing that the best time to travel to Italy is in the ‘shoulder’ months – March, April and May or across September and October. And there is certainly much to be said for travelling to Italy in September. For one thing, cities tend to be quieter and popular destinations are far less crowded in September than in the previous two months. And yet attractions and public transport are still operating on their Summer schedules making sightseeing super easy. Weather wise, whilst temperatures can vary massively from region to region, the stifling heat is, by and large, over. And yet, it is precisely that stifling heat from the previous two months that has left behind lovely warm seas and lakes for people to swim in. And lots of daylight in which to enjoy them. And, of course, at a purely practical level, since the school Summer holidays are over for most Europeans, you will find accommodation and travel costs cheaper than in July and August.

So here are our top recommendations on where to go in Italy in September.


Italy in September

We love Tuscany in September. After the heat of the Summer, the weather is much more pleasant with average temperatures comfortably sitting between 20°C and 27°C. These are perfect temperatures either for idling by the pool at your Tuscany villa rental, to relax on one of Tuscany’s beaches or to be out and about sightseeing.

September is also the start of the Tuscan vendemmia (grape harvest). The vineyards that have been soaking up the sun for months, are now filled with local farmers (contadini) filling their carts with bunches of grapes. For those interested in wine, there is no better time to visit since it’s also the month where many towns and villages in Tuscany have festivals to celebrate the harvest. Some of the most notable include the Festa dell’ Uva in Impruneta just outside Florence and also in Scansano, Capoliveri and Chiusi, the Festa del Vino in Montecarlo, the Festa delle Cantine in Manciano, Vino al Vino in Panzano in Chianti and the Chianti Classico Expo in Greve in Chianti.

Not all Tuscany’s festivals in September revolve around wine though. There are also a number of other festivals in Tuscany in September. A couple of our favourites include the Luminara di Santa Croce in Lucca on 13 September each year. It’s particularly atmospheric since the electric lights in Lucca are switched off and instead the town is lit up with thousands of candles. And in a similar vein, the Festa della Rificolona in Florence sees the city filled with paper lanterns on the evening of 7 September.

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Italy in September

Umbria is just as great a destination as Tuscany to travel to in Italy in September. These adjacent regions have similar climates so, like Tuscany you can expect daytime temperatures in Umbria to be hovering around the low to mid twenties. Once again, it’s the perfect temperature either for idling by the pool at your Umbria villa rental or to be out and about sightseeing. And whilst Umbria may be landlocked unlike Tuscany, there are still beaches to enjoy at Lake Trasimeno.

As in Tuscany, you’ll also find grapes being harvested from September onwards. Take a drive along the Strada del Sagrantino through towns and villages such as Bevagna and Montefalco to see the landscape at its very best and to call in at some of the top wineries in the region.

And like Tuscany, Umbria also has its fair share of festivals in September too. One of our favourites is the Quintana in Foligno, which features a fantastic historic parade and jousting tournament. Also of note is the Sagra Musicale Umbria, a classical music festival which has been held in Perugia every year since it began in 1937 (with an interval only for WWII and the COVID pandemic). Its global reputation owes much to the impressive performances of symphonic-choral works as well as performances from contemporary writers being performed for the very first time.

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Italy in September

September is the perfect month to visit Italy’s capital city, Rome. Average daytime temperatures are around 23°C at the beginning of the month, going down to 19°C as you head into October. and typically the month sees very little rainfall. Of course, daytime highs can still reach 27°C or 28°C but even these temperatures are pleasant enough to explore the city comfortably, albeit they may require you to make more regular gelato stops!

Whilst the city will be quieter than in peak holiday season, be under no illusion that there will still be crowds in Rome at that time. As a result, we still recommend that you book skip the line tickets to Rome attractions as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Italy in September

Florence is one of our favourite cities in Italy and September is a great time to visit. As with Rome, temperatures are much milder than they have been in the preceding couple of months. We can’t guarantee that you will be free of rain, but there is so much to do in Florence when it rains, that a spot or two of wet weather doesn’t need to dampen any enjoyment of your time here. It really is a great destination to visit in Italy in September.

The evening of September 7th each year also sees one of the prettiest annual festivals in Florence – the Festa della Rificolona – when crowds carry paper lanterns on stick through the streets of the city. Head to the Piazza Santa Felicita for 8.15 pm to see the start of the parade which then slowly makes its way to the Piazza della Santissima Annuziata.

And later in the month is Carro Matto, a festival honouring the new wine. A cart pulled by two white oxen parades through the city centre displaying fiaschi (traditional wine bottles in wicker holders). The parade starts at 3.30 pm from the Palagio di Parte Guelfa and arrives in the central Piazza Duomo where the wine is blesses. From here it makes its way to the Piazza Signoria where a flag-throwing competition follows.

As with Rome, do still expect the city to be crowded so make sure you book your Florence skip the line tickets to all the major attractions to avoid standing in queues.

Italian Lakes

Italy in September

The Italian Lakes is another great option for those looking to holiday in Italy in September. At a very practical level, the Summer ferry timetable tends to run from the beginning of April to the end of September each year so by visiting in September and not October, you’ll find it much easier to explore all the lakeside towns and villages.

The heat of July and August has also nicely warmed the water temperature of the lakes to an average 23°C, making them still very pleasant to swim in. Average daytime temperatures also mean that you can certainly combine relaxing days on the lakeside beaches with plenty of sightseeing. In September, the crowds have gone home and you can simply enjoy the peace, quiet and beauty of the lakes region.

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The Amalfi Coast

Italy in September

The sunny weather continues long into Autumn on the Amalfi Coast so September is a great time to visit this area of Italy. The Amalfi Coast’s clifftop roads can get pretty snarled up in July and August but visit in September and you will be able to enjoy the picturesque views without the crowds around you. It’s also still warm enough to swim in the sea or to enjoy relaxing days poolside at your Amalfi Coast villa rental.

Any visit to the Amalfi Coast would not be complete without at least 24 hours in Naples. And September is a great time to head to this city too. September 19th marks one of the biggest religious festivals in the city – the Feast of Saint Gennaro.

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Italy in September

Another great Italian city break to enjoy in September is Venice. The stifling temperatures of July and August, along with the plethora of bugs that the Summer months attract, both die away leaving warm and pleasant temperatures within the humidity and mugginess of preceding months.

Venice gets less crowded week on week in September. That said, there are a few events in Venice in September that are good reasons to visit but will mean the city is busy. These include the Venice Film Festival which runs from the end of August through to the end of the first week of September, Venice Glass Week and the annual Regata Storica (Venice Regatta). The latter is one of the oldest events in the city dating back to the 13th century and well worth battling the crowds to see. Events of the regatta start with a ceremonial parade during which a fleet of historical boats manned by Venetians dressed in historical costumes make their way along the Grand Canal. The competitive event then begins and a number of regattas are held for different ages and sexes.

As when visiting all Italian cities, just make sure you book your Venice skip the line tickets ahead of your stay to avoid any queuing for the city’s top attractions.


Italy in September

Last but not least on our list is Puglia. September is a great time to consider holidaying in a Puglia villa rental. Average temperatures in September sit around 25°C and night times are also still pleasantly warm. Whilst in the peak Summer months, visitors almost need to flock to the beaches to escape from the oppressive heat of the countryside, in September, you can choose to spend your time equally between the two.

Since many of Puglia’s ‘tourists’ are Italian and since September sees Italian children heading back to school, if you do head to the coast, you’ll find Puglia’s beaches much quieter in September than in the previous month. But if you opt for Puglia’s countryside instead, there is so much to see and do – exploring the charming trulli of Alberobello, the picturesque streets of Locorotondo or the incredible Baroque architecture of Lecce to name just three examples.

Another great reason to visit is that, just as in Tuscany and Umbria, September is harvest time in Puglia. Many forget that Puglia is famous for its wine making but it’s actually home to the famous Primitivo, Negramaro and Malvasia grape varieties. Harvest time can start in either September or October dependent on the grape, but when it does, it’s common to find local wine producers holding ‘open days’ for visitors to experience the magic of this special season.

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